Parent Involvement

Become Involved as A Parent

Water Safety

  • Help Out at Sunday Nipper in the water (bright orange rashie) to ensure children's safety. Get Involved in encouraging nippers and help run activities.
  • Help Out at Carnivals in the Water (Mostly General Supervision) which is vital to allow Dicky Beach Nippers to compete.
  • Water Safety at training and extra Nipper events to provide the safety needed
  • Watersafety hours on Sunday Nippers count as patrolling hours.
  • Requires you to have your Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) or Bronze Medallion

Age Manager

  • Help Out at Sunday Nipper's by leading an age groupd through their rosters and being a mentor throughout the season and their nipper journey
  • Are an important support system at carnivals
  • Typically work with other Age Managers of that Age Group to ensure the best support system for our nippers
  • Generally you can choose the age group you mentor, (aside from when there is an excess in one age group and none in another) and is usually at least a year long commitment
  • Requires you to have completed an Age Managers Course & have a blue card


  • Help Out at Sunday Nipper Points Day in running races like real carnivals
  • Play a vital role in allowing carnivals to run and allowing Dicky Beach Nippers to compete at carnivals
  • Are the working force behind carnivals; they marshal competitors for race's, count places, organizing race courses, ensure fair play
  • Officialing hours are logged to keep the qualification
  • Requires you to have undertaken an Officiating Course & have a blue card

What Do You Do as Water Safety?

For nippers to run in the Surf, we need at least one water safety to 5 nippers to ensure their safety. On Sunday, nippers for water safety can use a range of equipment (board/tubes) to help with running activities and teach nippers struggling with the extra skills they need. They provide support and encouragement for all nippers as well as helping to run different activities of the nipper rotational roster. In terms of carnivals, Dicky beach must also supply a certain number of water safety to nippers competing. Otherwise, our competitors are unable to compete. Playing an important role in water safety simply supervise races in the water and assist any struggling nippers to shore.

How To Become a Water Safety

In order to be a watersafety you must be at least 14 years of age and have your Surf Rescue Certificate of Bronze Medallion. Interested in getting your SRC or BM click below?

What Do You Do as an Age Manager?

Age Managers are vital for our nipper program to run. Typically there are at least 2 main age managers per age group guiding the nippers through programs, new skills and extra camps/carnivals. Age managers are important mentors, helping to build strong family-like bonds within age groups over many seasons. 

How To Become an Age Manager?

To become an age manager you must be at least 18 years of age if working with U6’s & U7’s. Otherwise if working with U8’s and up you must be at least 15 years of age. If you are over 18 you must hold your Blue Card (working with children safety check). To become an age manager you must complete the simple Age Managers course (or have already completed it). Contact the Dicky Beach Office for more information about upcoming Age Manager’s courses.

What Do You Do as an Official?

Officials are the backbone of competitions, there is a large variety of officials within this category. If you are new to joining officaling you will most likely become a general official (in surf sport – board, swim, iron) who help with counting placing’s at the end of a race, marshalling competitors, monitoring fair play and organising courses. From here there is a wide variety of pathways to becoming a starter of going into more specialized surf sports. You are incredibly important as our Nippers cannot compete at carnivals unless we provide a set number of officials per competitors.

How To Become an Official

To become an official you must undertake an officials course, a course which has no prerequisites. Contact the Dicky Beach Office for more information about upcoming Official’s courses.

Other Pathways

Help Out With the BBQ

Each week a different age group's parents are responsible for the sausage sizzle and burger serving, this is a great way to help out once a month.


Assist with taking orders, and the behind the scenes of processing and packaging nipper apparel.


Keep an eye on Team App to see how you can help us fundraise money to purchase equipment for our nipper program.

Help with Pack Up

When nippers finishes there is always plenty of equipment that needs to be washed and put away, all assistance with this is always appreciated.

Become a Board Member

There are a number of board positions, if you are interested in the running of nippers at a strategic level, one of the various roles may suit you.

Interested In Helping?

A summary of all the different roles you can partake in and how you can help the club is shown on the document below. Contact the JAC Chairperson for more information in getting started in these roles at;

Learn More Here