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Our Club History

Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club (formerly known as North Caloundra SLSC) was established in 1950.

The rigid rules concerning public bathing (men and women bathing together) were relaxed around the turn of the century (1900). Surfing quickly became popular and drownings began to occur. Prior to, and immediately after World War II, Dicky Beach was only patrolled during the Christmas/New Year and Easter holidays by patrolling members from Metropolitan Caloundra SLSC at Kings Beach.

In the early 1950’s, as the area around Moffat Beach and Dicky Beach became closely settled, the need for regular weekend patrols became obvious. There was a strong local support for the establishment of a surf club to patrol the area on a permanent basis. Funds were raised locally to build a clubhouse and, with the assistance of a State Government subsidy, the club became a reality.

The original site on the point south of the Dicky Wreck (Neill Street Rocks) was selected, as the new club had access to both Dicky Beach which was to be the club’s main patrolling area and Moffat Beach which was popular with board riders. Metropolitan Caloundra SLSC had experienced major problems with beach erosion in the area, so the site on the point was considered to be safe from similar problems.

From the outset, Dicky Beach SLSC had some difficultly in mustering sufficient qualified members to mount effective patrols. Three Met-Caloundra members, Maurie Schafer, Cliff Croughan and Jim Roberts all agreed to transfer to the new club to help it in its initial stages. In October 1950 the club carried out its first patrols with a membership of ten (10). That number reached twenty (20) by the end of the season 1950-51. Today, there are more than 250 active patrolling members at Dicky Beach SLSC, plus more than 450 Nippers. In terms of active patrolling members, Dicky Beach SLSC is now the 4th largest club in Queensland.

In 1950, the club commenced with a two-story fibro structure on the headland near the Neill Street Rocks. The club changed its location northward after the original club house burnt down on 21 February 1976 and is now located at the beach end of Coochin Street, in excellent modern facilities. Dicky Beach SLSC has made continual progress and improvement over the years. All this progress has been accomplished through generous donations from our loyal supporters and a lot of voluntary work by members of the club. The grand tradition will continue well into the future.

In 2009, the Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club was awarded “Club Of The Year” by Surf Life Saving Queensland. Also, our Supporters Club (Dining, Bar & Gaming Facilities) has twice won the Clubs Queensland, “Small Club of the Year Award”.

Original Dicky Beach Club House 1955-1976
The North Caloundra March Past Team in 1950-51
Miss North Caloundra, Beach Finalists 1960's

Through the Decades – A Visual History of Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Dicky Beach in the 1950's

Dicky Beach through the 1960's

Dicky Beach Through the 1970's

Dicky Beach Through the 1980's

Dicky Beach Through the 1990's

Dicky Beach Through the 2000's

Dicky Beach 2010-2020

Women in Surf Life Saving

Dicky Beach Surf Boats

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Dicky Beach Junior Activities

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