IRB Racing


The IRB Team Exists To:

Improve IRB driving and crew skills through a number of simulated rescue events. The sport encourages participation as a team with ages ranging from 17 to masters and we have a strong mix of both. And we’re always looking for new additions for the team.


To compete you will have to have a Bronze Medallion and completion of an IRB Crew Course. If you’re interested and don’t have these certificates, contact the Dicky Beach office so we can help you.

There are 3 Main Simulated Rescue Events in Each Carnival:

Tube Race

Driver and crew races out from the beach. The crew dives out at the first can and swims around the third can picking up a patient along the way, they then head back to the boat to be retrieved and all 3 return to shore.

Surf Race

Driver and crew race out from the beach turn the first can and pickup a patient who is sitting in the water at the second can, before  racing back to shore.

Mass Rescue

The mass rescue is similar to the surf race but the driver and crew must do it twice. Upon returning to the shore the first time the motor must be switched off, the driver runs up the beach and around a marker. When they return to the boat the motor is turned back on before the race is repeated.

Interested In Joining?

Give Rian Reynolds (Raz) a call anytime at 0400 730 838 or email at  Alternatively get in contact with the Dicky Beach Office, the Office details are linked to the button below.

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