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New Nipper's Registration

There are seven key steps in the registration process for new families:

1)Join Dicky Beach SLSC

2) Create a Member Account

3) Blue Card Application

4) Pool Proficiency

5) Beach Proficiency

6) Collect a Uniform

7) Join Our Communication Platforms

How to complete all of these steps is outlined on the second page of the document attached below

Returning Nipper Registration

There are five key steps in the registration process for returning families:

1)Renew Membership at Dicky Beach SLSC

2) Pool Proficiency

3) Beach Proficiency

4) Collect a Uniform

5) Join Our Communication Platforms

How to complete all of these steps is outlined on the second page of the document attached belo

Transfer From Another Club

If you are looking to transfer from another club to Dicky Beach then this is done via the members portal:

1)Log in to the Members Area, from there select Memberships, and then Renewals, Payments & Transfers, from here go to join/transfer to a new organisation. From here choose I want to  I want to join a surf club, or transfer to a different surf club.

2) Select the organisation you would like to transfer to. Using state: QLD, Branch: Sunshine Coast and Club: Dicky Beach SLSC. From here you have three options (please note that for nippers full transfer is what you will use, the other options are explained for peace of mind) to choose from these are:

Full Transfer: You completely move from your old club to Dicky Beach

Competition Rights Transfer: You remain with your current club, however you will then compete for Dicky Beach (a dual membership)

Non-competition Rights Transfer: Join a second club whilst keeping your originals membership and competition rights there (dual membership)

3) Update your personal details, then at the bottom of the page agree to the appropriate declarations and submit your transfer.

4) Now you will come to a make payment screen (select click here if you wish to pay online – in which membership fees will be shown, just follow prompts)

5) Your transfer will need to be approved by both the club you have left and Dicky Beach (please note this takes time). to find the status of your membership contact your old or currents club secretary.

Pool Requirements:

Nippers is not a learn to swim program. Therefore to ensure your child’s safety in the ocean the minimum pool requirement is required for each age group is atatched in the document below.

Please print out the pool evaluation form to take with you to your pool evaluation for the assessors to sign.

Registration Fees

Membership fees allow our club to function well, and ensure that your family has the best experience at our nipper program.

Membership fees for 2023/24 are as follows –


Active/Award membership                 $65

Cadet/Junior Membership                  $60

Associate Membership                       $70

JAC Family with one child                  $245

JAC Family with 2 children                 $300

More than 2 children                           $35

Still Have Questions?

Contact the Dicky Beach Office by email at or call 07 5491 5742. If you have questions about how our Nipper program works or what it covers, view our How Nipper's Works page.

How Nipper's Works