Nipper Surf Sports

Nipper Surf Sports

The Different Events Offered For Nippers

Nipper Surf Sports is a great way for your kids to get involved in other areas of the club. It is also a great way to make new friends whilst staying fit, healthy and active. Whilst keeping outdoors in the sunshine.

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Board / Swim Race

Board and swim races are staple events of surf carnivals. This is an event for U9 up which consists of starting on the beach and swimming / paddling around a series of cairns before returning to shore. There are both individual and team variations of this race. Teams include; a board relay (3 people in a row), board rescue (one swimmer and one board paddler to pick them up), and swim teams (total score of 4 swimmers in one race).


The Iron race is considered one of the hardest events in which an individual undertakes either a swim or board leg around a set of cairn. Then when they return to shore they run around a set of flags before undertaking the leg they have not completed, finishing with a sprint around 2 flags. The team variation of this is the Cameron (consisting of 4 people all of whom undertake one leg each in a relay form)

Beach Events

There are two types of individual beach events; flags and sprints. Sprints is a 70m (varying depending on age group) sprint in soft sand. Whilst flags is a special event where participants lie on their stomach facing away from a flag in the ground and once the whistle is blown get up and grab a flag (there are less than the number of participants). Teams include a sprint relay and an all age relay in which a person from every age group undertakes in one large relay.

Pool Rescue

Pool Rescue is a fun competition that runs during the off season (Winter). It consists of multiple events both team and individual ; including a tube tow, underwater obstacle course and relays of various events. View more information about Pool Rescue through the link below.

March Past

What is it?

The SLSA March Past is a traditional surf lifesaving event where a team of 12 people march in formation around a set course with music. It was originally developed by returned servicemen and was a requirement for clubs to compete in carnivals. The event involves teams, usually dressed in  club uniforms, and the team includes members carrying a reel. No specific fitness level is required, and training involves marching for technique improvement. 

Fitness, Training, Competition:

Fitness – There is no specific level of fitness required. You will need to be an active person and have the ability to march in soft sand for the duration of the event (approximately 15 – 20 mins depending on the carnival).

Training – will consist of individual and team techniques. For the first few weeks training will be once a week. As time goes on, our training will increase to two sessions per week. Each session will be for approximately 1 hour. Training is usually on weekends after board training so that any Brisbane members can join the team.

Competition – throughout the season there are a number of events, usually one day of the weekend. The club is keen to see a team(s) compete in as many of the carnivals as possible. The club usually has a team at Branch and States. At local carnivals, March Past generally commences in the morning and the team usually meets an hour before the event starts.

How Training Works

Dicky Beach is extremely fortunate with the incredible collection of volunteer coaches who dedicate countless hours to help our nippers. Below is a brief summary of the various squads offered at Dicky Beach. For more information on training times and locations have a look at information on Team App or contact the Office.

U8-U10 Surf Squad

The U8- U10 surf squad accounts for all nippers who are competing on foamies, and want to gain a little more skill and fitness. Older kids looking at learning how to paddle a board are also welcome. Its a great way to make friends and have some fun.

U11 - U13 Surf Squad

The U11 – U13 surf squad is a competitive squad focusing on increasing fitness for carnivals. Everyone is welcome, looking at increasing the competitiveness of Dicky Beach Nippers for a variety of levels.

Beach Squad

The nipper beach squad is a great opportunity for nippers of all ages to improve their sprint / flag technique, increase fitness and have a great time. 

Pool Rescue

Pool rescue is a fun competition that runs in the nipper off season. It covers all age groups from U9 up and is a fantastic way to stay in contact with friends over the winter, whilst staying fit healthy and learning key rescue skills.

U14 Surf Squad

As a part of the U14 transition to the senior club they train with the senior surf squad. For more Information on this go to the Swim, Board Ski & Iron page.

March Past

Dicky Beach is quite fortunate to have an incredible march past program for nippers of all ages.

Other Information

How to Sign Up To Carnivals

To sign up to a carnival you need to complete a nomination form. This nomination form sent out in team app prior to each individual carnival 

The Costs

Costs of nipper carnivals are released by branch prior to each separate carnival but usually range from $10-$20 per individual event 

Getting a board and / or board spot

Fiber glass nipper boards can be hired from the club from $50 to $100 depending on condition of board. This is arranged through our gear steward and comes with ensured board storage in the shed. Hired club boards are  used for club training and competition only.

Board storage is free for private board owners in U11-U13  pending availability and can be arranged with our junior activities gear steward. To get in contact with the Gear Steward or if you have any other questions contact the Dicky Beach office at; 

Team Selection & Carnival Checklist