Pool Rescue


During winter the club runs pool rescue training on Sunday mornings at Kawana Aquatic Centre for U10s and up. Pool Rescue is a great way to test your rescue skills with events such as manikin tows, obstacle swims and tube swims carrying patients. 

Pool Rescue is great for pool swimmers and other members who might otherwise not compete in surf sports, because they are uncomfortable in the ocean. 

Dicky Beach commits to Branch, Brisbane, Queensland and Aussies Carnivals. 

Obstacle Swim

Competitors swim 200 metres in freestyle, passing under immersed obstacles.

Obstacle Relay

Four team members swim 50 or 100 metres freestyle, passing under two immersed obstacles.

Line Throw

A timed event in which the competitor throws an unweighted line into the pool and then pulls the teammate 12 metres back to the poolside.

Freestyle With Fins

Competitors swim 50m freestyle with fins after a dive entry.

Patient Tow (Juniors)

The rescuer enters the water with a dive and swims 50 metres freestyle with fins and a rescue tube to their patient. The rescuer wraps the rescue tube around the patient and the two of them return to the beginning.

Rescue Medley

The  athlete swims 50 metres freestyle while dragging a rescue tube behind him. The rescue tube is fastened around a floating manikin at the pool’s outer edge and hauled back 50 metres to the finish line.

Manikin Carry

The participant swims 25 or 50 metres freestyle before diving to rescue a submerged manikin and carrying it to the pool’s finish line..

Brick Carry (Juniors)

Competitors swim 35 metres freestyle and then dive to bring a submerged rubber brick to the surface within 5 metres of the pick-up line with a dive start. The participant then carries the rubber block all the way to the pool’s finish line.

Medley Relay

A four-leg team event consisting of a 50-meter freestyle without fins, a 50-meter freestyle with fins, a 50-meter freestyle towing a rescue tube without fins, and a 50-meter freestyle with fins dragging a team member to the pool’s finish line.

Super Lifesaver

Competitors must swim 75 metres freestyle to recover a submerged manikin and carry it to the turning edge. The competitor releases the manikin, puts on fins, and tows a rescue tube 50 metres. The rescue tube is wrapped around a floating manikin near the pool’s turning edge and dragged to the pool’s finish end.

Interested in Joining?

Contact the Dicky Beach Office at; lifesaving@dickybeachsurfclub.com or the surf sports officer at; surfsports@dickybeachsurfclub.com, for more information regarding training times and locations.

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