Surf Boats


About Us

Dicky beach SurfBoat section welcome all new rowers, we have a proud history in competition in surf boats. We currently have rowers in crews that are Queensland Champions, Australian Champions and World Champions. Our main focus is team work and having fun together as a boat section and as a club

How It Works

A boat crew consists of five competitors: four “rowers” and one “sweep” who steers the boat with a sweep oar and issues directions to the rowers. Boat crews begin at the water’s edge, readying their craft. When the starting signal is given crews begin to row out to sea and around their designated turning buoy located roughly 400 meters off shore before returning to the shoreline. The first crew to pass their boat between the finish flags on the beach is the winner.

Age Groups:

We have crews in Under 19 male and female, Under 23 male and female, Reserve grade and Masters.
Our club has a fully functional gymnasium with qualified instructors in weights, ergo and rowing

Interested in Joining?

Contact the Dicky Beach Office for information regarding training times and how to get involved, contact details for the office are linked below.

Contact The Dicky Beach Office