Iron, Swim, Board & Ski

Iron, Swim, Board & Ski

The Dicky Beach surf squad is a competitive squad covering board, iron, ski and swim disciplines, with a strong family-like bond. The squad has a progression system for those in U14’s coming from the nipper program to build skills and fitness before joining the main squad. The squad is open to all people of all ages of U14 and older and we always welcome new members with open arms.

Training Times

Boards: Typically runs every afternoon 4-5pm at Dicky Beach, or Currimundi Lake. 

Ski’s: Ski Training typically runs some afternoons and most mornings at Dicky Beach or Currimundi Lake.

Iron: Iron training typically occurs on a Saturday morning for two hours.

Swim: Most members of the squad swim train at a pool at least 3 mornings a week, to increase fitness and improve their stroke technique.

Contact the Dicky Beach Office, or have a look at the training calendar to confirm times.

What You Need To Train: togs, pink high vis, googles and your own craft.

The Events


In the board race, competitors use mal paddleboards which are 3m long fibreglass/carbon fibre boards with a foam core. The race begins on the beach with a sprint start before jumping on the board and paddling through the surf zone on either your stomach or knees. Through the surf zone, competitors pop, punch or roll under waves to get through. They then race around a series of buoys, with the typical course being 450-550m, before returning to shore with a sprint finish.


The surf ski is the longest and fastest race. Competitors paddle 6m long skis, which are similar in shape to an Olympic Kayak (just longer & narrower). A twin bladed paddle is used for power and a foot controlled rudder to steer. The ski race is typically around 700m, starting and finishing in the water.


In a Surf Race, competitors run from a starting line on the beach and then proceed through the surf zone by wading and dolphin diving. Before swimming around a series of buoys and returning back to shore with a sprint finish. A typical Surf Race is around 300-400m however this can vary greatly depending on Surf Conditions. 


The Iron race is the hardest event of all. For the age groups U14, U15 & U17  it is a board race followed by a run around two markers in soft sand followed by a swim race and another finishing sprint or vice versa; a swim leg followed by a board leg. For U19’s, Opens and all Masters, the Iron race consists of a board leg, swim leg and ski leg, all of which have soft sand sprints in between. The sequence of the leg’s is drawn out of a hat at the start of each carnival by officials.

Team Events

There is a wide variety of team events for each age group, gender separated for the most part. These include board relays, ski relays, mixed discipline relays e.g. cameron and taplin as well as other events such as board rescue and swim teams. Dicky Beach takes great pride in putting together great teams and having excellent teamwork.

Find Surf Craft

You can easily buy new or second-hand surf craft from a variety of online platforms. If you want to purchase craft brand-new, you should visit; Kracka, Dolphin, or JM’s web pages. If you are looking for a cheaper second-hand surf craft, you should keep your eye on the following pages;

Get a Board / Ski Spot

Dicky Beach is fortunate to have storage for both board and ski surf craft. If you would like a board/ski spot contact the office, who will put you in contact with the Gear Steward. Currently, spots are $30 each, which is paid via the portal, the renewal date is the same as a membership renewal.